Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Yeo Jun Jie (21)

Mr Simmons Praised the Congressman, giving him a good impression of Mr Simmons and he would be able to continue reading the letter.

Pathos (Emotional Appeal): Mr Simmons did this in the opening statement by saying he was a parent of a child who died due to a gun accident. This would make the congressman pity him as he lost his children. With the statement, Mr Simmons appealed to the congressman's emotions and would persuade the congressman to change the laws of gun ownership.

Logos(Reasoning, Logic): Mr Simmons use Logos by providing many figures, which will set as examples of gun misuse among the people and would make the Congressman rethink the laws and hopefully change it. All these figures show certain examples of why the gun ownership laws should be modified

Ethos(Credibility): Mr Simmons said that he was a parent whose child died in a gun accident. This would credit Mr Simmons and would allow the congressman to believe The letter and further read on. It makes Mr Simmons Credible and trustworthy.

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