Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Question for blogging in your english blog

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of those issues.

My feelings on depression is that first,depression is a very serious condition and when reading about the condition that depressed people are in it seems that it would be difficult to recover from such a condition.
On loneliness,it can be caused by an exclusion from social relationships for whatever reason. The affected person will then have certain feelings similar to being rejected and what goes on when a person is in that state of mind cannot be exactly and accurately known unless one has gone through that situation before,but I would think that by having nobody else to have a social relationship with,then that person might even come to take delight in any sort of company that he/she might have,for example he might end up talking to animals and the light. It might also have the effect of strengthening one's faith in that there is nobody else to talk to but God.
On heartbreaks,I don't really have that much to say due to not having really much experience in this field. But due to many of the situations in the book occurring out of relationships between two persons of opposite gender, and heartbreaks occurring out of the term "dump", a term which I am not familiar with. A relationship should be headed towards the direction of marriage from its start.There is nothing really wrong about one being different from one's peers. If you have the opinion that by being different from your peers is socially unacceptable, then by joining a majority you are further feeding it's appearance of a majority.Simply,they are the majority only because we make them so.
On having to put up a front, one's actions that others know no reason for can be caused by information being kept and a front put up. The burden of a secret is gone once it is told,but there are some things,whether dangerous,subversive,that have to be kept behind a front. This may not be the intended meaning of "put up a front", but it is an interpretation of the phrase in relation to the book.

This is a question that I think many of us not just me will tend to ask when reading this book:
Is this what and how people in this age group is thinking and behaving,or is this what and how people in this age group should be thinking and behaving,and therefore that is how we should?
Or does this book apply more so to an American society?

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