Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vorro's Perception of Isolation (Chicken Soup Lesson 1 Reflection)

Depression- Personally, I think depression is very common. It occurs during extensive stress over many things, especially excessive workload for teens. As such, it is more about how you deal with it than you actually having it. The way I cope with my depression symptoms is doing what I feel like doing best, whenever I feel like it. If I do get too stressed out, I find that I really have to take a break and stop doing work.

Loneliness- Loneliness is nothing if you're used to isolation. The point is, if you're not the social kind, you won't even have to deal with being lonely.

Heartbreaks- Personally, I think that getting heartbreaks is your problem, and yours alone. After all, you had the choice to choose to have the relationship in the first place. People who do not care about a particular person will not have to face the pain of the parting ways. However, ways to cope with this problem include doing things you do best, and forget the past altogether. Let's face it. It takes a long time to recover from a heartbreak, a few years even. Once you accept that fact, you'll find yourself well on the road to recovery. Staying with your loved and trusted ones will help you overcome this plight eventually.

Being different from your peers- Everyone is unique, in a sense. You don't have to hope to be exactly like your friends because then, if everyone in the world had the same thinking as you, the world would be one of robots. Identical non-sentient beings that act alike.

Having to put up a front- Not really seen, nor experienced this case before, and so I've got nothing to say about it..........

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