Monday, October 3, 2011

Group 6

I took the big brown box from under the table and set it on the table. I began dumping my personal items into the box . Everything seemed to move in slow motion . My mind replayed the images of when my boss fired me in front of all my colleagues. The sentence “You got FIRED!” just kept replaying over and over in my head like some spoilt radio.That furious look on his face is unforgettable. Slowly , I picked up my big box and stepped out of the office , with heavy steps , head hung low , reluctant to go . It seemed like a long walk to the basement carpark. I felt eyes burrowing through me on my way down . In my mind, I could almost see them dancing and singing. I took one last look at the majestic hundred storey high office and heavily trudged to the car. Dark clouds loomed ahead and thunder crackled in the long distance. The air tasted acidic and dusty, furthermore wrecking my mood. I turned on the radio to full blast and I zoomed down the highway. The drive home was blazing fast, I could not remember any detail about beating the red light nor the car honks at me . I was confined to my own miserable world. I forced myself to crank up some good explanation to my wife.

Emily, Kai Xuan, Jing Jie, Weihong

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