Thursday, January 27, 2011

chua zong wei

when Mr Patton R. Unway was picking up his children from school, a bus collided into his car just outside the school of shawn and twaihang. Mr Patton R. Unway was thrown out from his car due to the collision. thankfully, he landed on a discarded feather bed at the side of the road and sustained only injuries from broken glass shards and a “minor” concussion.

“all that we heard, was a crash and the shrieks of mr Patton R. Unway said the principal, Mr chua. the students of the school of shawn and twaihang stopped their classes to have a look at the accident. another eyewitness, 56 year old mr lim, said that the accident happened too fast, and before he knew what was happening, Mr Patton R Unway was already lying on the pavement. the accident caused a minor traffic jam, but was quickly resolved thanks to the quick thinking of police officers on site. The driver of the bus, who was unhurt, said that he was not the one at fault for causing the accident. However, mr Patton R Unway denies that he was the one at fault too. The two are looking forward to a court case.

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