Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rain Causes Tree Falls

Heavy rain on Monday morning caused a tree branch to fall on a school bus and a car outside MEH school. Two students were injured.

Mrs Dionne Chua was driving along Average Avenue to MEH school behind a school bus when the accident took place. Many students and parents heard the loud racket caused by the accident.

A parent, Mr Chua, standing near the accident saw the tree fall from the top of the bus on to the rear of the car. He said “The accident happened so fast I could not react to it.”

Bus driver, Mr Patt, said he heard a long bang on the roof of his vehicle. He was puzzle by what caused it but he continued driving, causing the tree to fall from the roof of his bus on to the car.

The damage caused by the fallen tree was great and it is said to cost the bus company an estimated $10 000. Apart from this, many people were caught up in the jam, thus being late for work or school.

What caused the uproot of the fallen tree is still under investigation. Police are still investigating the case.

Done by : Jie Min, Hao Yang, Marcus

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