Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Newspaper Article 10 and 20

SINGAPORE: When Mr Patt was waiting to pick up his children from SST Junior School, he did not expect for his children to ‘pick him up from the ground’. A school bus returning to school after an outing accidentally rammed the rear of Mr Patt’s car, throwing him to the ground.

Mr Elgin Patt, a 41 year old pet shop owner, said that he was waiting for his son, Edwin Patt, inside the carpark at the school compounds when the accident occurred. He was stepping out of the car to answer the calls of nature when his car suddenly moved and threw him to the ground.

Teachers and students at the school said that they heard a loud crash around 6:30pm and Mr E.Low, a 54 year old Art teacher, said that it was very chaotic.

“When I heard the crash, I ran outside and saw the school bus with a crumpled front a few meters behind a silver BMW with its rear severely deformed and a parent looking dazed and confused by the car.”

Mr Patt received treatment for minor cuts and bruises, and the children were safely taken off the bus. Most were calm and the accident was cleared after 30 minutes.

“When the bus suddenly jolted and we heard the loud crash, we were very scared.We thought that we were going to die.Only after our teacher told us to follow him off the bus did we know that it was not serious. ”

Said Diane Choo, a friend and classmate of Edwin Patt.

This is the first vehicle accident that has happened in SST Junior School’s 3 year history.The schools that we interviewed said that similar things have happened to them before, usually because one of the drivers was not paying attention.

The police are still investigating the incident.If the accident was caused by a driver not paying attention to the road due to reasons including, but not limited to, being drunk, on the phone, reading a newspaper, talking, and wearing a blindfold.The punishments vary from a $100-1 000 000 fine, 1week, if serious,life imprisonment in addition to compensation.

Anybody with information related to this incident should call the police at 999.

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