Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflection No. 1 - Kaixuan

It is important for journalist to understand what is the difference between facts and opinions at the back of their mind, working along with them subconsciously. The reason why reporters and journalists take it so seriously because their works or articles are often being scrutinised by other readers. Opinions of different people clash together, they can create new ideas but also disharmony, journalists must sit on the fence to evaluate the facts and state both the pros and cons of the issue. Having the facts is just one of the essential material for a good report, playing both the roles and giving a perspective on why the person have such a opinion is also crucial.

A article have to be review by several experts on the topics and when the editor approves it. One major problem or advantage is that people can always comment and review the article written. They will spark a debate over the issue and cause a lot of problems. Readers can question and challenge the article which the person had wrote and complain that the writer had taken to extreme views on the issue. Due to the accelerated update of news, many things are always copied by other publishers before some can be verified. For example, if the article leads wrong information, problem between difference writer opinions can the issue can also challenge each other on the facts.

Readers have to disagree sometimes but rules must apply. Readers can write a letter to the publisher stating his/her views on the issue. If a lot of people have discerning perspective, it shows that the journalist have no concrete evidence in convincing people. Normally, if one had to write his/her point of view to the publisher, he/she must also have the kind of solid evidence to condemn the writer and spot his slips. Readers can lash out nasty comments on why the journalist is wrong but he or she must also know what he or she is doing, readers have a lot responsibilities too.

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