Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3 - Analysis of letter - Tam Wai Hang

The writer managed to use all three of Rhetoric Theory’s Pathos, Logos and Ethos. Firstly, the writer used Pathos to convince the congressman by appealing to his emotional thoughts. One example of this is when the author mentioned that he had his lost a child to a gun accident. This can trigger the congressman’s emotions and be convinced by the author.

Secondly, the author used Logos, the appeal of logical reasoning. The author brought out facts of the mass number of citizens being killed by gunshots. As the author states, most citizens would claim the possession of a gun as a form of self defense, but only 2 of 743 gunshot deaths are used to kill the intruder of household entry.

Lastly, the writer used Ethos, the appeal of the character’s reputation. The author is one of the many citizens who owns a gun. He feels that the possession of guns is a threat towards the safety and peaceful lives of the citizen. He strongly suggests that imposing a stricter law of purchasing and possessing guns, therefore having a safer environment.

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