Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intensive Reading Chapter 2 - Dionne Choo

I am quite comfortable with myself as I accept that fact that I am not perfect. Everyone is flawed, and I try to accept my flaws and improve on them. Also, I try to focus on my strengths instead of harping on my weaknesses the whole time. I also learn to be contented, it is not possible for me to have everything I wish to have. Some people wish for popularity, to fit in, or to be the perfect student/role model. However, I feel that that is the root cause of not being comfortable with yourself. Thus, I ensure I do not hurt myself by being contented with what I have, and try to be more optimistic.

How I deal with pressure to achieve or be the perfect student?

In SST, sometimes I do find the pressure to achieve quite overwhelming, as all the students are doing quite well, and there is competition to achieve good grades. Also, the things we learnt in class are sometimes more advanced, and it is hard to achieve good grades under the circumstances. However, even though I really want to achieve good grades, I do not push myself beyond the breaking point. I try not to let the pressure build up too much, and occasionally I do take breaks from studying and just relax doing my favourite things. When I do underachieve, I try not to punish myself too hard and just put in more effort for the next assignment and test. Thus, I feel that balancing the need to achieve and the leniency is very important in order to deal with pressure to achieve or be the perfect student.

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