Sunday, July 24, 2011

Intensive Reading 3 - Tam Wai Hang

The people who are around a child in his different stages of life plays a important role in the process of his growth. These people does not only limit to the child's parents or siblings, but also includes the friends who he socialises with. Such friends and family have great influences and impacts on the child's different aspects psychologically, physically as well as emotionally. As time goes by, the child will start to develop dependent relationships with the people around him, and the child's thinking will start to be influenced by them. So it is important what kind of friends or family and how they influence the child, whether in a positive or negative way. Similarly, the child's actions will also influence others, so the parents should start modeling the way of their child as early as of a toddler.

Some negative impacts include having parents who they themselves, are bad influences. Some parents might be drug addicts or even into gambling. Such an environment will make the child develop a mindset that these activities are correct and thus are negatively influenced by the child's parents. A major group of people who come into contact with the child on a daily basis are his friends. If the child is unfortunate and makes friends with bad companies, the child will again receive negative influences.

However, it is still possible for the child to break free from these negative influences. Most importantly, the child must have a lot of courage as well as willpower. At a even bigger scale, it is possible for the child to change the mindset of those who display negative thinking. As long as the child can differentiate between the right and wrong, there is still hope.

Telling others what is right and wrong is a form of having positive influences on others. It does not take big acts to have a positive impact on others, but even small acts like lending a hand when someone is in need can influence others positively. However, do not overdo it by trying to help everyone in everything they do by knowing your limits. Sometimes you might just worsen the situation without knowing when helping them.

In conclusion, displaying positive influences is an important trait that everyone should have, and it does not take a lot to change the mindset of those displaying negative influences, just a little courage and willpower will do.

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