Monday, October 3, 2011

Group 1

The Sun shone through the window, waking me up groggily. I glanced at the clock and muttered to myself, “Oh great, late again.” I heard the bed creak as I inched off it. Half awake, I rummage through my closet, trying to find the suitable attire, an unsoiled shirt. However, they all reeked of alcohol. What a “great” way to start my Monday. Having no choice, I picked up a random article of clothing and dragged myself to the kitchen.
As I opened the fridge a cold gust of air rushed out and the smell of rotten food hit me straight in the face, sending chills down my spine. “Stale, stale, stale, stale…” I slowly ticked off the food inedible. My stomach grumbled at the thought of a hearty breakfast, one that I would not have this morning.

~Dionne Choo, Elgin Patt, Michelle Loh

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