Saturday, July 16, 2011

Intensive Reading Blog Question (Chapter 2)

How comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?

One can never be 100% comfortable with yourself. Even if I feel so, that is only temporary. Everyday I am constantly challenged with situations that I will struggle with. As a result, I feel a bit depressed as I knew I could have done better. This pressurise me and I am plagued with why am I not perfect? Why can't I do better?

To combat this awkwardness, I try to deceive myself about some of my good traits. However, I constantly remind myself that the high expectations of this world can push me outside my boundaries and excel. I set myself goals and give myself a deadline to achieve. One cannot change himself overnight, this change happens slowly without obvious difference in character. Therefore, I am just myself and will not change for other people but for the overall benefit of myself.

I want to challenge the question what is fitting in. Means that you are popular and everyone respect you and you are backed up be your friends? This is actually a reliance on people, once you lose your friends you are very vulnerable. I prove myself that I do not need dependence on other people, I can survive whether I am in a crowd of people and whether I am alone.

I guess in life you can choose a limited set of things and I choose freedom- not to be control or dictated by people. Some people are unconsciously prisoners of the world. People like celebrities whose lives are always under scrutiny by public. I don't need that, you will only realise how much you want freedom if you are locked up unable to move.

I appreciate the better and thus there is no reason I should hurt myself. One can only love other people if one love themselves.

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