Saturday, July 16, 2011

Intensive reading question : Chicken Soup for the teenage soul , Chapter 2: Hurting Myself [ Emily Wu _ 02 ]

Do you need to fit in to be happy? 
Fitting in is important but not a must . It is always good to have friends whom you can trust and confide in . They can help you share your burden when you talk out your problems with them . Alternatively , you can also share the good times with them . Letting things out will help lighten the mind , and make you feel less frustrated or pressurized . However , in a totally different situation , there are times when you will not be accepted for who you are . When that time comes , there is no need for you to change yourself in an effort to be recognized .  This only works like a drug . The euphoria of being accepted , of fitting in , of having friends only exists at the beginning . For the rest of the days , you are just living in a shell that is really hiding your true self . So , sometimes , when fitting in hurts , we are better of not fitting in at all . 
What keeps you true to yourself and keep you positive about yourself? 
My personality makes me who I am . I have my own dislikes , likes , interests and hobbies. For example , I would rather spend my spare time watching movies than playing games and that makes me different from others who would rather game than watch movies . I keep positive by not comparing too much . I know that I am not the best diamond out there . So , I do not hurt myself by not comparing myself with others in every single thing I do . I understand that competition is needed to achieve but too much can only bring disappointment . 

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