Monday, January 24, 2011

EL Lesson 24th January 2011 Reflection 01 Reg.20

1. Based on your understanding of facts and opinions, why do you think this important to reporters/ journalists in the world of online journalism?
It is important because in online Journalism,the news have to be published in a very short time so it is important to reporters/journalists to tell the difference between fact and opinion otherwise they may end up posting inaccurate or wrong information.Posting before the article is properly written and verified can lead to ethical consequences,as you do not write the article properly and check if it breaks the Codes of Ethics.
2. How could the limitations explored in one of the articles be controlled?
The limitation that the information may be accessible before being verified can be controlled by checking the facts for accuracy before the news are posted.It has also been suggested that the code of ethics should be updated to reflect the ethical situation.
3. What are some responsibilities of discerning readers?
Some responsibilities of discerning readers are to not believe everything that you read on the internet as they may only be opinions and not facts.Believing the wrong thing can lead to negative consequences,for example,using the newspaper report for an important paper.

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