Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newspaper Article by Yeo Jun Jie and Goh Chin Fan

Epic Bus and Car Pwnage

Yesterday, a teacher’s car rammed into a school bus near the main gate of the School Of Science and Technology (SST). The accident left the teacher, Mr Elgin Patt unconscious.

Mr Patt, a 51 year old P.E teacher was driving out of the school gate when a public SMRT bus collided into the car. Mr Patt sustained major injuries. Traffic has been diverted since the accident. ‘It was sad to see Mr Patt in an accident, he was our favourite teacher,’ said a secondary one student who did not want to be named. His colleague, Mr Elgin Low said, ‘I saw the whole scenario. Mr Patt’s car was rammed against a wall when he was driving out, and Mr Patt lay unconscious in the car, injured.’ Mr Patt was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he was diagnosed with 5 bone fractures and a punctured kidney. The doctor said that he would need physical therapy for 1 month and he will be discharged after 2 months. The bus driver sustained minor injuries but has to stay at the hospital for minor cut treatments.

Investigations on the accident are underway and Mr Patt is recuperating in the hospital. If found guilty, the bus driver may be fined for unnecessary accidents or jailed for up to 3 weeks

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