Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newspaper Article (Sean Phua Aik Han)

Lemons for Parents After Incident

SINGAPORE: School of Science and Technology (SST) in a dilemma after parents and bus driver got into a fight. On Tuesday, a bus hired by the school was involved in an accident with a parent’s car near the school compounds.

On Tuesday morning, a bus hired by SST was involved in a traffic accident with one of the parent’s car. The SST principal, Mr Chua Z.W., expresses his thoughts. “The school is greatly sorry for the incident. However we believe that the incident was not caused by the bus and instead, the parent.”

Witnesses say that the parent’s car, a jet black Honda Civic, took the turn way too quickly to be considered “safe”. The bus driver from E.L.Q.B. Bus Company, Mr Elgin Low, said that this type of incident has never happened before in his line of work. The driver of the Honda begged to differ.

“I was taking the turn as I did not see any vehicle on the road. When I was halfway through the turn, the bus appeared and ran into my car. I demand compensation for this accident.” said the driver of the car, who only wanted to be known as Mrs Choo.

Mr Low suffered minor injuries while Mrs Choo was traumatized momentarily after sustaining minor injuries from the accident.

Students who were on their way to school that day described the incident as horrifying and something that they did not want to see again. When asked to voice their views, many said that the Black Honda was barely visible.

However Mrs Choo insists that she was not in the wrong. She is demanding compensation from both SST and E.L.Q.B Bus Company to cover for her losses and medical fee.

Mrs Choo and Mr Low are having their statements taken down by the police while Mr Chua, on the other hand, is helping the police in their investigations.

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