Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflections No 1-chua zong wei

1. Based on your understanding of facts and opinions, why do you think this important to reporters/ journalists in the world of online journalism?

A good understanding of facts and opinions is very important for the reporters/journalists, working with them whenever they go, as it allows them to make reports that are not biased towards one point and allow them to see things in a 3rd person's perspective. It also prevents clashes in opinion between people if the report is not biased as people can calmly evaluate the pros and cons of the issue. Due to the fact that the internet has billions of users and can be easily accessed at any point and time on earth, which causes information on the internet to spread quickly, it is important for reporters/journalists to remain unbiased as their opinions could affect the whole world and cause problems if it displeases the reader.

2. How could the limitations explored in one of the articles be controlled?

The reporters/journalists could use other sources of information to verify and determine if the information currently stated is proven to be correct so that the general public can come to an agreement over the published information. The reporters/journalists must also remove any sensitive comments or opinionated comments must be removed or they may cause major disagreements.

3. What are some responsibilities of discerning readers?
Discerning readers are supposed to verify the information posted before they spread it further and be able to differentiate between facts and opinions to prevent further misunderstandings

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