Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Question for Chapter 2: Hurting Myself

How comfortable are you with yourself & how do you ensure you do not hurt yourself?

I am comfortable with being myself as I know that I have a specialty, which I might have not realized yet. Knowing that I have my own blinds spots, I do not hurt myself just because I am weak at a specific area. I am comfortable with myself as I do not mind much about my image. I feel that my personality is far more important than my body image.

I understand that I need not be over competitive as I am not perfect in every area. I tend to make sure that everything is perfect, but I realized that not everything can be made perfect. I used to feel that I have not achieved anything in my life, but I had not come to realize that achievements need not always be a medal or a trophy. It can simply just be a recognition for doing something, need not always something fancy-looking. Although I wished that I was perfect, being perfect does not always mean that things are perfect among my friends and family. Being imperfect helps me to understand the feelings of my friends and helps me to get along well with them. And I would need nothing more as I am accepted by my peers.

Liau Zheng En

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