Monday, October 3, 2011

Group 3 - jimminy chua low

I picked up the note with trembling fingers. The paper crackled as i touched it. I instantly recognized the handwriting on the note was none other than that of my boss. What matter could be so serious, that the boss himself had to personally write a letter to me? A single phrase came out of my mouth: “I am so dead”. Subconsciously, my mind searched for a probable answer as to why he wanted to see me. Did he catch me for playing tetris during work hours? Cold sweat dripped from my forehead. That was a good enough reason to fire me already! Or was it because he found out about my fake illnesses? I could almost hear him scolding me! Wow, that would be horrible!

Or maybe I was getting a promotion? Well, I had been working hard, despite the occasion that I played tetris. If so, this is good news! I would tell my wife about it! Imagine how happy she’d be. If I did get promoted, my dad would also be so proud of me. And with that positive attitude, I almost literally skipped over to my bosses’ office. Imagine the satisfied grins on their faces, that would be so good.

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