Monday, October 3, 2011

Group 2

The cars looked like a gigantic road block. I decided to use my demonic powers. I departed from my physical body and floated up from the roof, looking for a clear path in the sea of cars. Suddenly, I saw a clear winding path. Glancing at my watch, I was already late. I decided to take the chance. Slamming down on the accelerator, feeling the car lurch forward, I immediately turned the wheel. The car veered left. I continued winding my way through the maze of cars. Suddenly, some jerk decided to get out of his lane without checking his side mirror. I slammed on the brakes. Squeaking wheels accompanied by the smell of burning rubber floated into my car through the open roof of my convertible. Thankfully, the car managed to stop instead of crashing with huge impact into the jerk’s car. Ugh. (This was solely done by Sean Phua and me. Jun Jie had no part in this. He was busy observing Wen Yue’s gun. )

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